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Fic Master List...

Updated 01/25/13

Fic Master List


Feeling Nostalgic...

Yeah, feeling nostalgic and missing this place.

Missing y'all. (Is anyone still here?)

Well. These days I'm over here: http://www.starvinbohemian.tumblr.com. Let me know if you're there, too. Mutual with me.

New Fic: They Made A Movie About Us

Title: They Made A Movie About Us.
Author: Starvinbohemian.
Fandom: Days of Our Lives.
Rating: PG-13.
Pairings: Sonny/Paul, Sonny/Will, mentions of Will/Paul.


Will’s article about Paul gets adapted into a television movie. Sonny isn’t prepared to see his life on the small screen. (Or for anyone else to see it.)

New Fic: All the Distant Fleets...

I finally tried my hand at writing Paulson.

Title: All the Distant Fleets.
Fandom: Days of Our Lives.
Rating: T.
Pairings: Sonny/Paul, Sonny/Will.

Summary: “Four years ago, Sonny took everything Paul meant to him and he put it away in a box somewhere at the back of his mind. Four years later, he could do it again.” Everyone tries to move on. Sonny most of all.

The second-to-last chapter update!

Title: The Loose Ends Will Make Knots 12/13.
Author: Starvinbohemian.
Rating: M.
Pairings: Sonny/Brian, Sonny/Will.

Chapter Summary: "A choice is made."

Bleach Nostalgia...

Man, there are some days when I just ache with missing Bleach. Vintage Bleach. Good Bleach. I just can't bring myself to slog through anything after the Fullbringer Arc. I barely survived Hueco Mundo only for the Fullbringers to finish me off. I don't care about the Quincy and nothing I've heard since has tempted me back.

It doesn't help that I've been re-reading some classic IchiRuki fics. Sigh. Such great stuff.



Fic: Pampelonne (Brian/Sonny) 1/2

Title: Pampelonne.
Author: Starvinbohemian.
Fandom: Days of Our Lives.
Rating: M.
Pairings: Sonny/Brian. References to canon pairings.
Summary: With his business and marriage in tatters, a listless Sonny goes abroad. Brian goes with him. (Branches out from canon after Sonny discovers Will’s affair.)

St. Tropez had been Brian's idea...


Man, there is nothing like losing a huge chunk of writing to a glitch.

I got so much done this morning, was so close to being ready to post this fic, and it's all gone. It's not the first time, and it won't be the last, but damn it I hate this. D:

Same 'Ol...

Well. Once again, I attempt a short ficlet, said "ficlet" laughs, and the little monster is suddenly over 10 pages with several more to go. I feel as if I've written this exact thing many, many times. (And probably will again.) Oye.

It's not the latest chapter of Knots, but hopefully will be up in a few days.



Days Annoyance and HP Nostalgia...

Ugh. I think I'll be taking another break from Days. In the meantime, I'll just be over here quietly working on Knots.

Stumbled on the Harry Potter fandom reunion, and it's got me all full of the nostalgia! Definitely worth a look if you were ever in love with HP.

In related news, Pansy Parkinson, you are my forever heroine. *Clings*


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